“Importance of Self-Discipline & Doing Projects” – Drew, Age 15

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Episode Summary

Drew really brings the answer to why we should be more self-disciplined

Drew is highly self-disciplined and shares his insights on why this is so important while sharing stories about taking on a major role in remodeling the podcast studio. This will be an encouragement to take on projects beyond your current capabilities, learn from older people, and the importance of developing lots of new skills.

Scripture In This Episode:

1 Timothy 4:12 – “Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity.”

Luke 16:10 – “He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much.”

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Full Transcript:

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As a kid, it takes courage to stand for God’s truth in an increasingly uncertain world. You hear from our parents. And now you and your kids can hear from us to join us Fridays as we discuss our journey while also sharing bits of wisdom in 15 minutes or less.

Welcome to Courageous Parenting podcast I’m Drew. I’m 15, and I wanted to talk to you about big projects and having self-discipline. The big project I want to talk to you guys about today is the studio that we did, and all the things we did in the studio was Sheetrock Trim, Windows, Ship Club Paint with a sprayer and flooring and tile. And when we were about to get started on the studio, me and my dad and all my siblings, we didn’t really know how to do anything when it comes to doing windows and sheetrock. But we set out to do it and we’re like, We’re we’re going to get this done. Our friend Bruce Wright, when we started, he just showed up and started teaching us how to do things, and we were like, Man, I hope he keeps showing up. And pretty much every day his car just kept driving up the road and we’re just so happy because it made our world easier. One of the things I learned through it is working with older people, listening to older people, teaching me how to do things, specifically when it comes to building things like sheet rock and putting trim on doors and all that kind of stuff. My dad was in Bruce were a great example of that and also work ethic. Work ethic was something I really took on it in a different way when it comes to the studio because it was so much work because we had deadlines, you know, and we had different days, we had different things.

And I remember the day we had to do the sheetrock and my dad was like, Hey, let’s try and get this done. And just a few days here, and I was like, All right, let’s do it. And it took all commitment and we got it done. It took took a while, but it took commitment with work ethic. For example, I learned from my dad and Bruce, especially my dad, over the years that when you start a project, you have to make sure you follow through and you keep working until the end. Because as I learned with the studio, like as now, I’m sitting in the studio and it’s all done. I’m looking around and I go, Man, I did this. I’m proud of this. I can do this. So that’s that’s just one of the rewards to being a hard worker is that once you’re done, you get to see the fruit of what you’ve done and it feels really good. And it’s just incredible, and it’s different from half like paying someone to do a project like this than doing it yourself, because not only does it save money, but you feel you feel more capable. Once you’re done, you learn more skills, you learn all sorts of things and you just feel great about yourself once you’re done.

And whenever I walk into the studio, I’m just very proud of the work we’ve done in here. It’s just incredible. My next point is problem solving, problem solving with something I specifically learned in the studio because the building itself is extremely old and everything in it is not level, for example, like we were putting trim on the windows baseboard on the floors. It was just crazy. I remember we had to do some crazy special cuts because we’d look at the flooring and we notice that the board would rise super crooked towards the wall. And we’re like, What are we going to do about this? And there was a moment there were like, Oh no, what are we going to do? But it took diligence and responsibility and we push through it. And the solution was that we just had to take the extra time and use a table saw to make those special cuts. But once we were done, it just felt we felt so good about it and we learned a new thing through that. Now my next point is doing things when you don’t feel like it. And the specific thing with that is that is so important to always challenge yourself with this kind of a thing because it’s like a muscle, it’s something you have to train, something you have to over overwork so that it grows and gets stronger.

It’s extremely important, especially as you grow older to take. Take care of this and to do things when you don’t feel like it because things are going to come by, you’re going to have to do things, whether you like it or not. And it’s better to have worked this muscle in the past so that you do better in your future. And I remember with the studio, there was some days when I would maybe finish a few hours of work and then I would just feel so exhausted and I would I would be on the point of like wanting to take a long break, but we just pushed through it and we got done and it felt so good once we’re done. Another really important reason why you would be self disciplined is to be successful in life in really anything. You have to be self-disciplined, for example, for myself is as I’ve been aging, the more self-discipline and following through in in work ethic, all of that kind of stuff, the more of that I show, the more responsibility ups and then the more capable I’m more capable to do more things. And that is just super important for any age is just to be self-disciplined, because then you become successful in anything, really anything. You just have to be self-disciplined because you can’t like, go wake up in the morning, look at your room, it’s dirty and go, You know what? I’m going to leave that because imagine doing this in like a business perspective.

You can’t you can’t set things off for tomorrow. What should be done today? You have to do it today. You have to do it. Self-discipline, whether you like it or not, you’ve got to do it. Not only is it is it going to make you successful in the future, but you’re just going to be happier for it. Now I want to share a verse with you. It is Luke Chapter 16, verse 10. He was faithful in what is least as faithful also much, and he who is unjust in what his lease is, at least is unjust also in much. So this means that like, for example, making your bed like even the small projects, they’re so important and they build self-discipline, you have to show that you’re more responsible when you make your bed, for example, or clean up your toys or do whatever whatever you need to do in that moment. Whether you like it or not, it’s just how it is, and it’s how you train the muscle of doing things when you don’t feel like it, it’s a muscle and responsibility and taking initiative. It’s just so important. And specifically with the project, it just took so much initiative, sometimes because you can’t like I remember some mornings. I had to get up earlier, we got to get going on the project.

You just don’t want you just don’t want to do it sometimes, but you just got it. And it just takes just takes the self-discipline and initiative to get through it. Another verse I want to show you guys is first Timothy for 12. Let’s look at that. Let no one despise your youth but be an example to the believers in word in conduct and love in spirit and faith in purity. Now this is very important. Like specifically, you can be taken for granted, but it’s showing responsibility is how that doesn’t happen, because a lot of people today, specifically youthful people are taken for granted because of just other youthful people. You know, like children, they just their generation say they’re looked down upon and you’ve got to show like, No, I’m not like these people. I am a self disciplined, work hard person. You don’t want to be like everyone else. You’ve got to do other things. You can’t be just like the rest of the world. So you got to stand out. You got to be more responsible than your generation. You got to stand out in the world and then you’re sure your parents will understand your responsibility. All other people will understand your responsibility, your diligence, and then you get to do more things you want to do. Now the main point here is to equip yourself to do many different things you have to you have to keep trying because for me example, I might maybe in the future I might want to be a construction worker.

I don’t know. But all of these skills are very important when you’re a young age, because when you grow older, then you can have different capabilities. And maybe what you should do in the future is what you’ve learned today. Maybe it’s what you’ve learned tomorrow or from year now, but it’s all important to learn no matter what, because maybe I won’t be a construction worker or whatever, but I might use these skills to help a friend just like Bruce helped us or might be using them to help build my own house or something like that. But it’s all very important to develop your own skill sets, kind of like how I did with the studio. It’s super important. Doesn’t matter if you might not use it or not. It’s super helpful to up your toolset and skill set. All of that is super important. Thanks so much for joining the podcast. There’s nothing to fear in this world when you fully trust God. You were born in this generation for a reason, so embrace it, but have a teachable heart as it won’t be easy. Listen to your parents, read the Bible and desired to glorify God and all you do. And hey parents, there’s amazing biblical resources at CourageousParenting.com and CourageousMom.com

Written By Angie Tolpin
Angie has been married to Isaac for 19 years and together they have eight children, whom she homeschools. She is the Founder of CourageousMom.com, a doula, the author of the best-selling book Redeeming Childbirth, and the creator of the first ever Christian Postpartum Course. Angie loves ministering to Women and has created a few online Bible Studies on Biblical Friendship and Motherhood.

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