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Biblical Parenting in Unprecedented Times
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- With Isaac & Angie Tolpin -


This is the self-paced, 6-week, online parenting mentor program built on biblical theology, practical tips, and action.

Isaac & Angie teach three LIVE 60 minute sessions in their private app that reinforce the videos with an additional 30 minutes of Q&A afterward.
Each week you will have a 45-60 minute recorded video session along with a parenting packet.
Through access to the private group in our app during your program, couples can share & discuss.

6-Week Online Parenting Mentor Program

A simple step-by-step self-paced roadmap to equipping confident Christian kids. 6 recorded video sessions, 6 corresponding parenting packets, 3 live webcasts, Q&A, and community.
01 Theology
Biblical parenting foundations: Authority, Sin, Obedience, Grace, & the Enemy
02 Heart
Pursue the Heart, Influence Teachability, & Love for God
03 Purity
Purity of the Heart, Mind, Soul, & Body
04 Obedience
Practical Tips, Correcting Behavior, Ensuring Respect, Creating a Legacy of Faith
Discipline, Discipleship, & Discernment
06 Courage
Balance Between Setting Biblical Boundaries & Not Parenting in Fear


Self-Paced Program Begins Jan. 4th!

Included in your program
- Six 45-60 minute Practical Parenting Video Sessions
- Six Parenting Packet Downloads
- Three Live Online 60-Minute Parenting Sessions (will be recorded & put into your dashboard)
- Three 30 Minute Live Q & A's With Isaac & Angie
- Text Message Encouragements
- Private Courageous Parenting Group (In our private app)
-Three Months FREE Access to the BE COURAGEOUS App
- Self-Paced and Mobile Friendly
- Forever Access To Your Private Dashboard With All Content
Cost Comparison
The Cost of Disobedient, Non-Believing Children, Who Become Adults
The Cost of Counseling Depressed Mis-Behaving Teenagers
Only $6.65
per day
For 45 Days - The Cost of A Godly Legacy
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Individual Couple Access
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"Don't let God's plan for your family slip by, He has a plan that starts today! Isaac and Angie are not afraid to speak Biblical truth, lead humbly and challenge the world's view of parenting in a way that few are willing. This Parenting Mentor Program will challenge you to take the next steps in your Biblical role as a parent."
Darren & Marissa Rice
"What Angie & Isaac have done in creating this is literally phenomenal. It has been life-changing for me, it has given me the vision for how to handle behavior challenges but also issues of the heart. It has been transformational for us. I highly recommend it, it’s one of the best investments we’ve made this year."
Brian & Keri Fosse
"After going through their parenting mentor program and godly examples, we have so many answers to our confusing questions and have a game plan of how we can thrive in this important season in our lives! Isaac and Angie, thank you for modeling for us what it means to be courageous and not to fear this day and age. Thank you for leading the way by your examples in raising your children to shine brighter as this world grows darker."
Sammy & Natalia Cosa
"If you teach a man to fish then you feed him for a lifetime. Isaac and Angie have literally taught me “how to fish” in my parenting. Learning from them has answered so many questions I have about raising great children, but more than that they have built the launching pad from which I can answer my own questions in the future. What a worthy investment!"
Donte & Karissa McClendon
“Julianne and I felt God calling us to lead our family in a new way. God provided us the courageous parenting mentor program. Beginning with a biblical foundation the program has given us the awareness and tools to achieve victory in the challenges of parenting today. The informative and easy to follow videos and resources have instilled in us the confidence to create a legacy that can impact others."
Steve & Julianne Folin
It takes a different mindset & approach to equip confident Christian kids for an uncertain world

"And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God." Romans 12:2

Isaac & Angie Tolpin
Hosted By
Hosted By
Isaac & Angie Tolpin
It takes courage and more intentionality to equip confident Christian kids in today’s fallen culture.
Normal Christian parenting is largely failing today. Frankly, the culture is winning over the minds and hearts of children; and too many are leaving the church by age of 18.

Learning to be obedient to you from the beginning of their life is training to obeying God. We’ve been committed to doing what the Bible instructs for the last 23 years, much of which has been unpopular, uncomfortable, but incredibly fruitful.

Courageous Parenting is about understanding and implementing God’s design for parenting, so you can be courageous against the pressures of culture. It’s not easy, but if you implement the Biblical truth and practical insights that we share, you will be on a path to a Godly legacy too.
Quick Facts About Isaac & Angie
  • 24 Years of Marriage
  • 9 Children ages 2 to 23 Years old
  • Proven Entrepreneurs, Trainers, & Speakers
  • Founders of
  • Hosts of The Top-Rated Courageous Parenting Podcast
  • Best-Selling Author of Redeeming Childbirth
  • Homesteading in the Mountains of Southern Idaho
  • Sought After Speakers on Marriage & Family

Five Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Courageous Parenting program for you? Need more clarity?
If we don’t like the program, can we cancel?

We will give you 100% refund provided you gave it a chance. Meaning you gave a fair shot for the 6-weeks by watching the weekly videos and attending the live webcasts. If you gave a fair shot by receiving the content and want your money back because it wasn’t helpful. Just write us why you don’t like it and we will refund you.

Is the content live or can I watch it later?

If you can’t watch live, don’t worry. All the content (Live videos & PDF’s) will be available for you to view later. Also, if you complete the program you will have access to the content forever.

Can I enroll even if my spouse isn’t interested?

Great question! While it would be great if you both were learning together, you can take it yourself. If you apply this knowledge with your parenting it will still be transformative. Your spouse can always get access later too!

Can I enroll if I’m a single parent?

Absolutely! We would love to have you as you are doing double duty and this will give you a roadmap.

How much access will we have to Isaac & Angie?

Actually a lot. Isaac and Angie will be interacting in the private group in the Be Courageous app. In addition, they will be sending text messages and answering questions during the three live sessions. You also get the app for free for three months. If you’d like to continue after that it’s only $8.99 per month.

Do we have to follow the program or can we go at our own pace?

It’s best to follow the program as it gives you just enough to learn and put into practice each week. However, if you get behind or just need to take a break, it’s no problem. What’s most important is you have the resources and can do it at a pace that works best for you.

If you start a group, you completely control the pace and when you start.

Where are the LIVE sessions?

When you sign up you will get a code that gives you the BE COURAGEOUS app for free for three months. Within the app is a private group that will only allow access to people who have signed up for the program. It will grant you access the day your program starts and that’s where the LIVE’s will be.

However, each LIVE will be recorded and put into your private dashboard on and you will always have access to your recorded and LIVE sessions.