The Homeschooling Blueprint

How To Boost Your Effectiveness,
Improve Your Plans & Help Your Kids Thrive

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This program is self-paced and you will always have access. Developed from the experience of sixteen years of Homeschooling eight children in every grade level from preschool through high school. We share the most valuable insights and wisdom learned along with warnings of the most common mistakes homeschoolers make.

Exactly What You Need To Boost Your Effectiveness regardless of your experience.

A simple step-by-step self-paced roadmap to improving your foundation, making wise decisions, and helping your kids thrive academically.

It includes a welcome video with Isaac & Angie, 6 recorded sessions with Angie broken into 5-6 parts each, a bonus session, and the 45-page Homeschooling Blueprint PDF Download with resource lists.
01 Foundation
What matters most, learning styles, approaches, & disciplines that accelerate learning
02 Routines
Creating your unique daily structure, planning, and managing your day well
03 Teachability
How to cultivate a love of learning and teachable heart
04 Curriculum
How to choose curriculum
05 Activities
It's about more than academics: Activities, Character, & Socialization
06 Discipleship
Equipping them to stand strong & have impact
Included in your program
Welcome Video With Isaac & Angie Tolpin
Six 30-40 Minute Practical Video Sessions
Broken Down Into Easy To Consume Sections
Forever Access To The Program
Self-Paced & Mobile Friendly
Homeschooling Blueprint, a 45-page PDF Download With Resource Lists
Bonus Session About Legacy & Other Valuable Resources
Cost Comparison
Cost of ineffectiveness and wondering if your kids are getting what they need
Average annual cost of traditional education per kid
Investment to forever boosting your effectiveness and Improving your kids education
Whether seasoned or new, this will help you thrive! Normally $159, but right now it's 40% off for only $95.40
20 years of homeschooling experience --> 6+ video hours with a 45 page blueprint!
Normally $159, but today it's 40% off with code 40TODAY at checkout
$159 (Use 40TODAY = $95.40)
"The Homeschooling Blueprint has far exceeded my expectations. It's easy to get overwhelmed with curriculum, to want to compare your kids, to feel like you can't do it; well, this course squashes those and gives practical tips and encouragement based on over a decade of experience. Thank you!"
Erin Bilton
"Whether one is new to or seasoned in homeschooling, I feel like everyone can glean convicting and insightful information in this course! It’s encouraging to me as I strive daily to do what I feel led to in homeschooling, and it propels me forward into action. This literally feels like the blueprint it’s so appropriately named, giving ideas on how to structure your day, suggestions for the types of curriculum that’s available, and even going into how children can have different learning styles. There’s something for everyone, and I highly recommend this thoughtful, helpful, encouraging, and convicting blueprint!"
Becky Peachy
"I absolutely loved this course! Not only is the foundation of the course filled with biblical truth and principles, but it was also practical and immediately applicable to my situation. Whether you are new to homeschooling or you have been doing it for years, Angie's wisdom, vast experience, and carefully selected resources blessed me immensely in my homeschooling journey."
Marcie Whalen
"This course was so eye-opening. As a mom with little ones, in an ever-changing world, I've felt so convicted on the "next steps" for my kids in terms of schooling. I've always thought I wasn't equipped, but this course has encouraged me to believe I can be with prayer and faith. I can't wait to dive into the journey of homeschooling. Angie and Isaac give such practical advice, encouragement, and resources, you will not be disappointed."
Jenna Tiplea
"This course really covers it all! I came away feeling so encouraged not only about the academic aspects but also in what homeschooling looks like. It’s so much more than sitting down with workbooks. I also loved how real Angie was about it being hard and sanctifying but so worth it both for my kids and myself."
Alyssa Cathey
"This course has been absolutely off the charts. Being convicted by the Lord to homeschool after listening to the Courageous Parenting podcast episode about homeschooling, I finally did. Since implementing many of the tools and ideas from this course, my children have grown in the knowledge immensely more than what they have done in years in public schools. They wake up excited to learn and with a "can-do" attitude. Thank you, Isaac and Angie, for creating this powerful tool."
Klaudia Cairns
"I am a mom of 5 girls. Ages 1-12. I took this course to learn more about homeschooling as we began to school at home our 2 older girls when our local public school closed because of the pandemic. I am extremely thankful I took this course. I “know” and love Angie and Isaac through their podcast, Courageous Parenting. This course made me appreciate them and their work even more! It is packed full of information and wisdom. Angie covered everything I have had questions about. She touches on every aspect of homeschooling and so much more!
Jalainey Sleeth
"While there is SO MUCH information I loved in this course, my favorite was planning my day. Encouragement to realize this is a lifestyle we CHOOSE and we need to be intentional with our time just as we are to be intentional with our budget! When I first started budgeting I saw where my money went. Angie encouraged me to see where my time went, and man, was that an eye-opener! How am I supposed to homeschool my children and expect them to be successful if I do not have a plan and routine set up for them to be successful in?! Loved the biblical advice (as usual!) and LOVED how practical this whole thing was!"
Sylia Reel
"We began suddenly schooling-at-home, due to Coronavirus. I just knew I could do better and do more. I felt like the Lord was giving me the opportunity to invest in my family in a more intentional way, and this course is helping me with that mission!"
Lacy Almeida
"I have felt a tug to homeschool, my kids, for a few years now, but it felt so overwhelming and I didn't know where to start. When I heard about the Homeschool Blueprint I was very excited to have one place that offered me structure, advice, and direction. What I have found is much more than homeschooling direction. It has opened my eyes to the change that was needed in my family's minds as well as our hearts towards each other. This came at the right time and I am excited to see what all God is going to do in and through my family."
Leah Hirsch
"This course is so amazing. Angie and Isaac lay out some hard facts topped with a lot of grace and endless amounts of wisdom. You know the info you would want your super experienced homeschooling best friend to layout for you if you had one? That’s what this course is."
Holli Bennett
"Isaac and Angie have a wonderful ministry! We just completed our first year homeschooling and I wish I had this in the beginning, but it has been tremendously helpful even now. I am excited to make some much needed changes that I would not be equipped or aware of how to do prior to this course."
Alaina Becerra
"Incredibly encouraged - inspired - convicted - spurred on after bunkering down to glean off all the wisdom shared in this phenomenal blueprint course — highly recommend, even if homeschooling isn’t your thing, so much wisdom in here for parenting amongst the schooling too! So blessed to have had access to this!"
Bek Roggeveen
"As a first-year homeschooler, I’ve struggled to find our stride. This course reminded me of why I’m doing this and gave tips on how to set us up for success through biblical guidance and daily structure. What an encouragement these lessons were to keep me going strong!"
Belinda DeBoard
"Each topic is so important and Angie covers them so thoroughly. I love the real life examples that are given. There is a huge sense of community and uplifting vibes that I have received during this course. Thank you."
Dakota Thornton
"Angie was really transparent regarding her experience with homeschooling. She shares what worked for her with multiple tips to be successful. This course is helpful for a newbie with little experience to an expert. She also shared biblical resources which I love. I love to be able to apply all she taught with scriptures! Thank you Angie"
Irene Turner
Get The Encouragement & Practical Knowledge You Need!

"And these words which I command you today shall be in your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up." - Deut. 6:6-7

Isaac & Angie Tolpin
Isaac & Angie Tolpin
You Are Your Kids Most Important Teacher
If you don't fully embrace your role, the world gladly will. It takes a different level of proactive diligence to raise academically strong kids who also have deep personal conviction and godly character. Your influence matters and you can do this!

This blueprint is designed to equip and empower you to boost your effectiveness in homeschooling your kids, but to do it in the unique ways that align with the needs of your family.

You don't need to have all the answers, but you do need a strong foundation, sound routines, and an effective plan. We put this together so that your influence as your child's teacher echoes forward with a legacy of impact.
Quick Facts About Isaac & Angie
  • 20 years of Homeschooling 1st through 12th Grade
  • 9 Children ages 2 to 23 Years
  • 24 Years of Marriage
  • Founders of
  • Best-Selling Authors of Books & Online Courses
  • Cultivated a Vineyard with their Children
  • Sought After Speakers on Marriage & Family
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