Family Health In Uncertain Times: Preventative, Vaccinations, & Covid

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Episode Summary

Covid has become a great motivation to be proactive in helping our families be healthy and consistently have strong immune systems. There are so many natural ways to nurture health in your family and Angie gives tons of practical insights. They also cover their covid experience getting it as a family and what worked well as they dealt with varying symptoms.

Parents are discovering quickly that there are fewer and fewer things they can delegate to professionals that help with the care of their children. Family health care is a growing potential challenge during uncertain times. It’s more important than ever to take preventative health efforts and understand how to treat things naturally so that the doctor becomes a last resort and free them up for helping those who can’t help themselves. In this episode, the Tolpins give practical insights and give the raw story of how they dealt with Covid and Angie dealt with each of the different symptoms.

In This Episode We Cover:

  1. Preventative Health Tips
  2. How to find the right doctors
  3. How to learn so you are equipped to help your family
  4. Tips to a healthy home
  5. Our Covid story and what worked for us

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Scripture In This Episode:

Romans 14:14 – “I know and am convinced by the Lord Jesus that there is nothing unclean of itself; but to him who considers anything to be unclean, to him it is unclean.”

Revelation 13: 16-19 –He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.”



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Full Transcript:

Welcome to Courageous Parenting Podcast, a weekly show with parents with biblical truth on raising confident Christian kids in an uncertain world.

Hi, I’m Angie from Courageous Mom, and I’m Isaac from Resolute Man. We’ve been married for 21 years and have seen the fruit from raising our eight kids biblically. Based on the raw truth found in the Bible, we can no longer let the culture win the hearts of children.

Too many children from Christian families are walking away from their faith by age 18. And it doesn’t have to be this way. It shouldn’t be this way. Join us as we start an important conversation about effectiveoEllen parenting in a fallen world.

Welcome, everyone, to the podcast. How are you doing? Hey, guys, we’re happy to be here with you. Another topic that we felt is pressing. By the way, how do we pick our topics Ang?

We’ll talk about what we are talking about normally just in our our marriage and with our kids and our family and looking into the word for guidance and direction. Obviously, what we’ve been talking about a lot in the podcast and in our family is very relevant to today’s uncertain times and the things that are just changing on a regular basis.

Seems like every month there’s a responsibility of parents to figure out a new way to handle something. Does that feel that way? Sometimes. So we’re trying to we’re welcoming you in our journey and we’re also giving you our thoughts based on our experience, biblical understanding and awareness of what’s happening in the world. So today we’re talking about family health in uncertain times, preventative vaccinations and covid. And so although we won’t go deep into vaccinations, we’ll touch on it. But you’re going to get some practical wisdom from mostly, I would say, Anjou today, although I’ll pipe up here and there, because she really has studied, been studious for the last 21 years of our marriage, having eight kids and really being focused on preventative medicine while fully believing in doctors and medicine, of course.

Yeah. I mean, we’ve tried to always have a very well, in our opinion. Right. We’ve tried to have a balanced perspective. We have family that is even in the medical profession, right? Absolutely. And we love and appreciate them and and and, um, seek guidance before. Oh, for sure. I mean, if it wasn’t for the diagnosis from close family, we wouldn’t have necessarily found that next benign tumor that I had.

Yeah. You know, 15 years ago and press to have it extracted in biopsy and all the things, which is a totally different story. But my point is, is that there is a time and a place for seeking Western medicine help. Yeah. But over the years I’ve definitely been on a journey of learning. Now I was not raised with alternative medicine in any way, shape or form. I was very unfamiliar to me other than I remember Grandma VI, my great grandma was great. She was all about, you know, she lived through the Great Depression. She was born in 1914. Tough lady. She was a tough cookie. So she can she had her own garden, of course, took her cod liver oil and apple cider vinegar every day, made us kids take it when we were at her house. And so there were some things like that, obviously, like supplements, vitamin C, vitamin D, all those things getting outside in the sun. And her she had these opinions like, well, you can take vitamin D, but it’s not to replace playing outside your child, go outside, you know. And so it’s funny how those little things impacted my parenting. Yeah.

And over the years, as I’ve just had common conversations with other young moms, moms that were my generation, they didn’t have the blessing of having someone that had those strong convictions and was trying to live an independent life and was a believer.

And so I really look back on my time. I mean, because Grandma VI helped raise us. She took care of us every summer. Right. Yeah.

So so we’ll jump in in a second. But why don’t you give us a brief overview of the agenda?

Ok, so as Isaac and I were talking about, you know, just encouraging moms, the first thing that comes to my mind that we’re going to dive into is the importance of really embracing your role as the wife and the mom, understanding that your jurisdiction is a gatekeeper of the home. But it’s also another terminology that’s used in scripture is that this is your your home manager, right? You’re the maker of the home keeper of the home. And so I know that a lot of women understand that that’s part of their jurisdiction. And a lot of women get overwhelmed by what that entails because, you know, there are so many different things that can fall under that jurisdiction from cooking, cleaning, taking care of kids, cleaning the home, hospitality.

There’s so many aspects of that. And for every marriage and family can look slightly different to. But one thing that I think gets overlooked, which is why we’re talking about this today, is the importance of really being intentional and learning about preventative health and how to have a healthy home as much as is possible.

Yeah, right. And that’s part of our jurisdiction. So that’s kind of where the inspiration for today’s podcast came from. We’ll talk about some really practical things within the agenda. We’re also going to talk about the importance of how to find the right kind of doctors. And I think that that’s a good conversation.

We’ve had some crucial people in our lives that we really have. Set of skills.

Yeah, yeah, we’re going to talk about being an independent learner, we’ve talked about this before in the past regarding just encouraging your kids to be critical thinkers and independent thinkers.

But as moms, obviously, we can’t teach our kids to be that if we’re not being that. And one of the funnest things, I’m just going to dive into this for a second. One of the funnest things for me as a mom has been being having a teachable heart, getting books, asking questions, being an independent learner of natural health and of just preventative health. And what does it mean to have a healthy home and then teaching those things to my kids and then watching them, it becomes part of their daily life or their lifestyle, Lord willing, they’ll take it on to their families, too.

So it’s generational and legacy. We’re also going to talk about some specific things you can do to have a healthy home. And you thought it would be a good idea for us to just kind of reminisce about how we handled covid our whole family had covid.

And while we’re never going to say Angie knows how to treat covid, actually nobody can say that. Nobody can say that.

But there are things she did that massively helped our family. And we all had unique different symptoms, symptoms. So we’ll go into that. And it’s so important as we go into this agenda, it’s so important today because we are in increasingly uncertain times, as you know, and there may come a point where you’re not even allowed to go to the hospital unless you’ve been vaccinated with the covid vaccine. You may have differing opinions on that than us, but for our family, we’re not going to take that. And so so you need to be equipped more than ever. Like, we can’t just delegate everything. More is on the shoulders of parents. And in some ways, that’s a beautiful thing.

Yeah, it’s a hard rise to the occasion and become more skillful. I mean, if we think about our ancestors, our forefathers, even just a few generations ago, they were much more educated in how to live off the land, for example, and how to be self-sufficient versus being dependent upon other people. And that is actually something that the Bible advocates for as much as is possible to not be in debt to anyone. Yeah. And so it also talks about it’s worse for an unbeliever than for a man to, you know, to not be providing for his family.

Yeah. And so this this aspect of providing for your family and from my perspective as a gatekeeper and looking through Proverbs thirty one is that this is just one other part of the jurisdiction. And I’ll be honest, Isaac, right now there are a lot of people we’ve been talking about in the podcast the last few episodes about uncertain times.

We’ve encouraged people to even be prepared because we could have another massive shutdown. Right. It’s looking likely that that could happen so many places.

That already is the case right around the world and the United States.

Yeah. And so and there was a lot of things going on just even with Thanksgiving in specific states. And we talked about that in previous podcast. But one thing that really hit me hard is that while people may be preparing and getting food, toilet paper, they might be getting extra gasoline, a generator.

I know family members who have bought generators. Right. These are all good things. But are people actually being educated themselves and being prepared to take care of their family’s health at home?

Because you said something that’s very important. And this is I’ll just share part of our recent conversation. You guys know I’m pregnant and I have had three hemorrhages in the past. And so it’s been difficult for me to find a midwife that would be willing to take me for like a home birth situation. So I’ve had my last couple of babies at hospital and this is something we’re praying about. I would invite you to pray with us. We can always use prayer, but we were just talking like, what if the regulations come June in the hospitals are that we have to be vaccinated to even have a baby at the hospital. Yeah. And like, what do we do from then on? This is just something that we recently it was a conversation we have literally like the day before.

Yes. You got to plan ahead. You got to talk together. Yeah.

And so I’m bringing this up to you guys, because the reality is, even if you are independent in your family, as far as, like, knowing how to treat things as naturally as possible, maybe you make your own elderberries or maybe make your own herbal tinctures. Right. Maybe use all the things. Yeah, but when it comes down to it, if someone is chopping wood for fire and there’s an accident with an axe and you need to go to the hospital or somebody needs a massive surgery like that heart attack or something, what are you going to do? This is just a conversation that I think is so crucial that we need to have with our husbands. We need to know our convictions. And you guys, one of the reasons why women talk a little bit about alternative health is that a lot of people today have different perspective. It’s an essential oils, herbs, homoeopathy, different forms of healing practices, and a lot of Christians especially are kind of especially if it’s unfamiliar to them, they’ll oftentimes be like, oh no, I’m not going to do that, because that’s Eastern world religions like practices or whatever. But the reality is, is that as believers, we need to cling to what the word of God says. And I just want to share something that is in Romans 14. I know a lot of you have been reading Romans 12 to 14, now 13 in particular, probably. Right. But Romans 14 is one of my favorite chapters just regarding how to have grace with other believers in regards to things that are not eternal, OK? And so Jesus is using food that is sacrificed to idols as his example for not creating division among people thinks.

And I think that it’s really important that we recognize what the Lord has said here himself in verse 14 of chapter 14. It says, and I know and I’m convinced by the Lord Jesus that there is nothing unclean of itself but to him who considers anything to be unclean, to him it is unclean. And then it talks about if your brother is Greived because of your food, you’re no longer living in love. And this is the whole chapter talks about not tempting your brother to sin, but at the same time, like understanding that things are amoral. Things like a flower is an amoral thing. It’s not good. It’s not bad. Some people would say, oh, no, it’s good. Right. God created in Genesis. You look at what God said and he used the word good after he created the plants. He said they are good.

So another controversial thing that’s amoral is money. Right? And so the love of money is the real value. Yes. Not money is a resource that can be used for all kinds of good.

Yes. And so we need to understand that something by itself is not unclean, which is what Romans 14 is saying. And if we remember what Jesus when it comes to the things that God himself made now, did God make a meal of Pad Thai? Well, your hands made it, but with the tools to which God created for the food. Right. And he could say that about any specific thing. Same thing goes for an herbal tincture. Yeah, right. You used the herbs to create that herbal tincture. And so you use things that God made. Yeah. And so I just wanted to put that out there because this is a sensitive topic among many women. I get a lot of questions from people asking me about what my biblical perspective is on these different things in my flat out answer is, it’s actually our responsibility to use the tools God has given us, recognizing that they’re neither they’re not evil, but they can be used for good or evil.

And it’s our responsibility to use them for good. Let’s not idolize health and worship the tools. Let’s use tools that God gave us. Hey, we’re going to start in just a second. But first of all, thank you so much for being part of the one million Legacy’s movement. So incredible all you sharing out there, social media sharing, you know, the parenting program and the homeschooling blueprint for parents equipping them for that and the, you know, pregnancy and birth course, and all the things. Right. So we’re so thankful for that. It is how we provide for our family. And God is blessing the ministry. We’re approaching one million downloads for the podcast. So thanks for being on this journey with us. I do want to mention a free resource just because it connects to the topic today. So whenever that happens, it’s a nice thing to do is Angie did and she has this incredible resource, a free workshop with her talking about healthy home hack’s herbs, oils, supplements, national supplements, plants.

I think so, yeah.

Really, really good stuff. Very balanced view on all those things, actually. And she shows examples of things she uses in her home and so forth. So the link to that will be a courageous parenting outcome under this podcast, hit podcast and under this episode. And you can hit that and go sign up for it.

That sounds good. Yeah. So a lot of people have a lot of questions. And one of the things I didn’t want to get too in-depth on the topic of a biblical perspective on alternative medicine, although I do in that workshop.

So if that is a conversation that you’re just like, oh, Angie, just brush the top, I want more, I really would encourage you to go to that workshop because I do dive more into it, share more scripture on that. OK, so maybe what would be a good idea for us to talk about next would be preventative health, because I do think that this is potentially one of the most important things as far as preparing goes in. And I also would say this is a lifelong thing that I believe every homemaker or keeper of the home should take on as their jurisdiction. So, yeah, when it comes to having things on hand, I make sure that I have our most frequently used homeopathic remedies, I make sure that I have our most frequently used nutritional supplements, whether that’s certain vitamins or herbal tinctures or like things like cod liver oil, apple cider vinegar, elderberry syrup, those are extra things on top of vitamins. Right. I also make sure that I have things like astrologists, echinacea. Again, I go over a more in depth view in the workshop. In fact, you get a forty five page workbook with that workshop as well where all of these things are listed out. So if you’re like scrambling to take notes, there’s no need for that. Go watch the workshop, get the free. Actually it might be a twenty five page workbook.

And so anyway I just wanted to encourage you with that but we should be there. There is a chance. Remember what happened during the shelter in place back last spring. Tylenol went out of stock. Vitamin C was nowhere to be found. Vitamin C was nowhere to be found. Why do you think that is? OK, we need to make sure that when we’re thinking about stocking up or being prepared for our family, that we’re also thinking about preventative health so that we can stay healthy and be as independent from the medical profession as much as possible so that people who really are sick can get the health help that they need to.

And I just wanted to add to husband’s listening or if you want to share this with your husband, is that in our early years of marriage, I would say it was a little immature in this area, meaning it’s never been a strength of mine. It’s been Angie’s strength. But in the very beginning, I would say I wasn’t encouraging enough of her strength in this area. And I was kind of ambivalent about taking things and preventing and she would have to kind of shove them down my throat.

Not really, but I would say, did you take them?

You take the day.

And and I would say that I’ve shifted and realized I have seen the massive benefit of all of this and increasingly so as I get older. So I think it’s so important that we’re encouraging our wives to be this. And, you know, it’s interesting. Preventative health, I think, of proactive health is preventative health. We talk about proactive thinking a lot. Think ahead of what’s happening, leaving a legacy, doing things today that tomorrow requires. Well, this is proactive health, doing things today.

So when pandemics, whatever happens, lose your immune system is hopefully as strong as it possibly can be because you’ve been doing the things possible. Another aspect of being ready. So if I was to say being prepared, which is different than preventative health, but being prepared for things is making sure that you have all the ingredients to make bone broth. I mean, it’s not just about medicine, it’s about a healthy home. Do you have a humidifier? Do you have maybe a couple of those? Do you have an air filter? Do you have household plants? Do you use essential oils and diffusers, cross ventilation? You guys, that is the oldest trick in the book for cleaning out the rooms and what’s going on in your home and airing them out. Now, I get that when it’s really cold and it’s wintertime, especially if you have someone that’s sick, you don’t want to open up the windows necessarily. Right.

And so it’s these are actually in my mind, these are essential tools that every mom should be utilizing every day and not just in the naturopath stuff.

The right little thing, white things you give us. Well, that’s the homeopathic remedy remedies. Those I mean, incredible.

It’s so funny, you guys. And another aspect of this is making sure that you have the right team, OK, as a wife, as a mom. But like, I’m not a doctor. I’m not I did not go to college for medicine at all. Does that mean that I can’t be a learner, though? Definitely not. I mean, we obviously need to always be growing and learning and stretching our capacity. But one of the best ways to learn is to have the right team of people that are advocates for you. And so finding like minded doctors is an essential thing. And I get that it’s even harder and harder as the government has put regulations on doctors. Some of the really good doctors that we’ve known have retired early because they did not want to adhere to what the government was impressing upon. That’s happening a lot, unfortunately. And so it might be harder, but I would say that it is very like, look, in your ask for recommendations, first of all, OK, so if you’re looking for a naturopathic doctor or a functional medicine doctor, a holistic doctor, these are all three ping words that I look for when one when we are in a new place. We recently just got a new naturopathic doctor, but it took research. It took asking for personal recommendations. It took interviewing people. Yes. And that did cost a little bit of money because you have to pay for a new patient appointment. You go and you interview them and you can tell right away if they are going to be like minded or not. Obviously, if they’re walking in fear and. They are full on masks then they don’t really have very much confidence in their ability to actually be a doctor in my opinion.

What are some things you do in that first meeting, which they don’t look at as an interview, but you’re looking at an interview eye out of them, personal opinions and personal convictions.

I flat out ask them if they’re Christian. And a lot of doctors are shocked by that question. But if I’m a customer and that’s an important thing to me, I should have no qualms about asking that right now. Doctors legally can’t ask us what we are, but they actually even have the question on all of your new patient appointment.

They ask what your heritage is. If you’re you know, if you’re Caucasian or Asian, they ask these questions that are very personal. They even ask what your religious preference is.

And so if they’re going to ask you, you have every right to ask them as well. And so I always ask what their personal beliefs are. I ask them what their personal convictions are regarding natural medicine. This is especially an important question. If you’re not interviewing a naturopathic doctor, obviously, if they’re naturopathic, most adhere to the same convictions regarding natural health.

But the reality is, is there are still some that are very much on the liberal side of things or even new agey. And so this is an important question to ask, because if you’re going to be taking your kids, you do not want that doctor to be impressing upon their new age beliefs on you or your children. Right. And so finding like minded doctors is just super, super important. I would say that those are my two most important questions. What are your personal religious beliefs and then what are your medicinal convictions regarding natural health?

And then during that visit, you can get a feel if they’re pressing you towards things that don’t make sense from what you know and what you understand or if they’re only pressing you towards the medicine.

I would say to another big sign for me is if the doctor is willing to invest the time in actually getting to know your medical history or if they just make assumptions and try diagnosing without actually getting enough information. So I’ll give you one example. I took one of our kids and who was having some allergic reactions. We weren’t sure if it was related to diet or allergens or both. We kind of had a feeling it was both. We we had gone to visit multiple doctors, but it wasn’t until we found this one specific naturopathic doctor that asked many diagnostic questions and kept asking questions. She wanted to hear the history of how we had treated it, what the outcomes were. She wanted to know his entire history from her childhood about allergies. She was she would ask questions like, what is your experience with homeopathy? What is your experience with herbs? She wanted to know because it’s easier to help someone on their journey of preventative health and in healing if you educate your patient versus making them dependent upon you.

And so I would say that’s a third most important thing in finding a doctor, that they don’t want you to be dependent upon them, but they’re willing to educate you, give you information, and they care about what knowledge you already have or if you’re new at it and they’re willing to walk alongside you.

And so that was a huge thing. One of my most favorite naturopathic doctors that we had for almost a decade when we lived in the valley in Oregon. He walked beside us. He checked in on us. He even stopped by the house one time to drop off medicine. So and I know that that’s a very rare thing. But you guys, there are good people out there like that. And so I would say search and ask for personal recommendation.

You know what’s interesting about that experience? I remember you were so studious. You didn’t just go see the doctor, but while you were there, you’re going to pay for an hour anyways. You asked lots of questions, not for the purpose, just knowing for the purpose of you implementing without having him around at some point. And so you learned so much. You got this basically a free education directly from a doctor by, you know, asking the questions and harnessing that knowledge.

And I think part of the reason why he did check up in on us was because I took such an interest in what he was most passionate about as well, which is something you got to understand.

It’s kind of like when you go to the haircut, right? You go to the salon, you recognize that most hair stylist see themselves as artists. And so you compliment them on that and they always do a better job.

Hey, guys, if you want a really good haircut, you need to empower the stylist, the person cutting your hair with what they care the most about. So you need to notice the good qualities. And I usually ask them what aspect of cutting hair do you like? And they say the creative aspect or something like that, we’re talking to people. It’s different based on how they’re wired. And then I just go, well, I don’t really view use someone’s cutting hair.

You’re more of an artist, and then they always give you an amazing haircut, but do you see how they take the time interest in them versus that, like the haircut, the stylists asking the questions and being a counseling session for the person in the chair, which is what it often turns into. You can hear it all around the salon. Right. But it’s the same with doctors. That’s a point is like taking interest in what they’re interested in, asking them the questions. Why do they like being a doctor? Like hearing the core, helping them to remember what they’re doing and then they become personally invested in you if you become personally invested in them and it becomes a different kind of relationship. So that’s a really brief conversation about how we’ve kind of chosen doctors over the years.

And I cannot urge you enough. You have to have the right team. You just have to have the right team.

I want to take a moment and give you something for free if you haven’t got it already is the date night one. It is a beautiful document you can download that Will has some key questions on it for your date night. Just get in alignment about what’s most important for your family. No matter what time of year, it’s always important to recalibrate. You can get that by going to and subscribing to our mailing list. Also, you can get all of our show notes and everything, a And I also just want to share real quick about the Parenting Mentor program. So many families are being transformed by going through this. It’s the six week self-paced program with live engagement for us and even direct interaction. So if you want to join us, here’s a little bit more about it and you can find out more at

Steve and I realized that we were getting too comfortable with the world’s vision of how to raise our children.

What Angie and Isaac have done and creating this is literally phenomenal.

This program provided awesome scripture based teachings and just a really great practical applications. This class has just really rocked my world.

It has given me a vision for not just the different things that we might focus on as parents who are trying to raise our kids biblically, like how our kids are behaving or what we’re doing with discipline, but also the things of heart.

We now have a game plan to how we want to raise our children. We have so many answers to the questions that have been in our mind.

It’s not just these hypothetical situations or it’s not just this. Here’s what I think you should do. It’s let me show you where in scripture this is.

Do your legacy a favor and yourself a favor and just do it.

One of the best things that we’ve done this year, one of the best investments we’ve made this year, and I could not recommend it more.

We’re no longer fearing dark days ahead, but we’re so excited to raise the lights, to be leaders for the next generation. I think there would be really awesome if we talked about our experience with covid.

Yeah. So Isaac mentioned that we had this in March. We believe our daughter had it in February when she was at school and she came home the same week Isaac was in Atlanta, Georgia, running a meeting.

I was running a meeting on the business side of my life doing consulting. And I came someone there had it got tested positive at the hospital at 104 temperature and some severe conditions. He was there for a long time. Once they wanted to let me know I was a little older than me, but immediately coming home, I felt it. I called the I think it probably was a couple of people sick. And this is right. When everything was breaking, the school was starting to close in Atlanta and we decided to have me come home versus a hotel. But anyways, I gave it to everybody and we quarantined for six weeks because we don’t want to give it to anybody. Yeah, we want to be loving other people. Other people come. Covid is real. And but during that time, we all had very different symptoms. And I think two or three of us never showed any symptoms.

Actually, there’s four kids out of ten that never had any symptoms. I mean, if I can’t, Kelsey, when she was at home, she didn’t have any symptoms, but we think that she had it in February. And part of the reason why we believe that is because she’s been at college this whole year and been around people who tested positive three times, been quarantined three times herself as never. Three times. Yeah.

So so on that point since we went there is we also did a six week RV trip after we quarantine ourselves and we were over it and we didn’t want months later and nobody we were around people and we didn’t get sick. We have been sick since.

We actually haven’t had a cold since March. Praise the Lord.

So so it doesn’t. So it appears, at least from our experience with ten people and having two little germ magnets, that you do build immunities to this.

But that’s our personal conviction based upon our personal experience. There’s no scientific evidence behind that, obviously. But you guys is a thing. No one’s really talking about natural immunity to this because it’s not about the virus as much as it is about compliance and order that they’re trying to implement in the United States right now and control. And so, you know, one thing that we are going to. They should be seen here in a few weeks, even his vaccinations coming out. And this is a this is a big topic because we’re talking about health, OK? We’re not going to dive into all the things regarding vaccinations, but we do believe that it’s an important conversation that you and your husband have together. You need to have a conviction and you need to stick to that conviction. And the truth is, it may become difficult to stick to that conviction, right? I mean, there could be, you know, a point where it becomes difficult to go grocery shopping if you don’t have a vaccination. Right. The airlines are already started.

Quantas already said you’re going to have to have a vaccination proof of that before you get on a plane. Ticket master, that’s just the beginning of things. There’s actually apps already out there I’ve read that can be used to verify your health by and retailers like a QR code or something. Well, they can scan if they can prove it. It comes from a reputable thing that shows you got the vaccination and things like that. So these things are reality. So we have to be thinking, talking about that. And maybe you’re listening. You’re like, I have no problem. I’m excited to get the vaccination hey wherever your conviction lies. We respect that, as I would hope you’d respect our convictions.

I mean, I will I will say I’m not going to hold back on this particular topic I was just looking at. I get that a lot of people are not sure if the vaccination could be the mark of the beast. I’m just going to say it.

So I’m going to read a little portion of Revelations 13 for you. And you can see how closely this relates or not. You make your own decision. OK, so revelations thirteen, verse six. Tammy, obviously, I want you to read way before that, read the whole chapter. But it says he causes all both small and great, rich and poor, free, enslaved to receive a mark, is talking about the beast, OK? Which is why it’s important to go back and read. He causes all both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads and that no one may buy or sell except the one who has the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man he is number 666. And so the thing that I found most interesting about this passage of Scripture is the control over someone can buy or sell something.

Yeah. And that is the one aspect that just made me go, wow, there is something going on. I’m not 100 percent sure if this is the mark of the beast. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m just saying it’s important to understand scripture and to see what the reality of what is going on today.

Well, and there’s already technology. The Gates Foundation, Bill Gates is partnered with a different company, health company that has already accomplished creating a chip that small enough to go through a needle to be used in vaccinations. And he’s been trying to be part of the whole solution globally of this and other things. So so that already exists.

We don’t know if it’s in what’s coming out from Pfizer and other companies, you know, a few weeks or not. But there’s also talk about those nanobots that that can be in the vaccinated vaccine too that may adjust your DNA and things like that. We don’t know. Like I’m not saying that’s factual.

These are things that you need a research. We’re just bringing them up, because the reality is some people are just so not aware of what’s going on because they don’t know what’s true and what’s not true. And so it’s important that we are doing due diligence and we’re getting educated and we’re not just letting someone do something to us, but there is something called luciferase.


Right. Which is a protein. It’s a bioluminescent protein.

You guys can Google that and get your interest on the surface.

Look at it, says Lucifer, and then AC so spell Lucifer and then AC on the end. You can look into that. And so there’s there’s a lot regarding the vaccination that’s coming out. But the thing that is most concerning to me is the control that is going to potentially be happening based upon if you comply or not, and the forcefulness of what could potentially happen if you don’t comply. Yeah, OK. And so we’re bringing it up because the reality is where is one of the places that most people end up having to go to at some point in their life? A hospital or a doctor? Yeah, right. And so that’s why it’s important to become as educated as you can and how to treat symptoms and how to be as healthy as possible and then to be investing in those things. Like you guys, I’ve been buying house plants since we moved because it’s one way to clean your air. If you want more information on the science behind that, go listen again to the Healthy Mom Home Hack’s workshop. But I. I cannot urge you enough. These are serious things that we we as. In it, I view this as my jurisdiction. Isaac is doing research on other things that we need to have in place and in store to be prepared for our family of 10. I take on the food in the medicinal and all that kind of stuff.

That’s the way our family works and it works great. We come from each other. We encourage each other’s strengths, super important. And by the way, we’re not saying we’re not discouraging anybody from going to the doctor. You absolutely should see a doctor when you feel a need to see a doctor. That is never what we’re saying. What we’re saying is, hey, let’s try and maintain health and treat things early in preventively so that you don’t have to see a doctor is often right.

So I’ll just share a little brief history of what happened during covid. When Isaac came home, he had a fever right away. And within probably 48 hours, I also was down with a fever. Our youngest kids were actually the most asymptomatic, which praise God because it would have been super hard for me to take care of them and and myself and Isaac. And then it took a few days to hit the teenagers and it didn’t hit them all. And so, yes, there was some about four of us that were asymptomatic out of 10. And I’m thankful for that. Then there were those. The rest of us all had fevers, I would say. Seventy five percent of us, because I think I was the only one that didn’t have a STI in my eye. And this was before they were saying that was one of the original first symptoms. And so I treated the STI using hot compresses using rice milk, which is something that Isaac’s grandmother from Venezuela taught me, to boil down rice and to use that water. And so I’m I’m I’m sharing this stuff with you guys because this is that was one thing that we treated Kelsey’s pink eye with when she was like a six week old baby visiting family. And they taught us how to do that. There are natural home remedies that you can do, you guys that are nutritional.

And then people lost the sense of smell. And then like a few days later, they came out saying this is one of the symptoms. Right? Right. We were kind of getting things as they were learning.

And and this was also during a time when everyone was saying, if you have symptoms, stay at home, don’t even go to the doctor. We tried calling the doctor’s office.

They wouldn’t see us, but we did have some pretty good teleconferencing with doctors validating that we had.

And yet so they I mean, obviously, they tried to help as much as possible, but they literally couldn’t help. They didn’t even know how to treat it themselves. So that left me in a position of needing to do research, getting out my prescription for natural healing book, getting out other research resources, which I share. Again, all of those resources are in the workbook, in the workshop.

So and it’s what we know now about covid happened to us, which is it?

It attacks any of the body’s weaknesses. And so I had a kidney stone a year ago and that was one of the spots that it attacked me. Right. Felt like I had that same kidney stone again, even though I didn’t it was extremely painful.

And this was after you had the heavy chest, had all the stuff, the fever, the STI, all of the total fatigue for five weeks. Yeah. I mean, he was just like lethargic. It was super difficult. But treating the kit like I had a look at each symptom separately, go to my medicine box and then give him the supplements. So he was taking all kinds of things from astrologists. And of course, garlic. We were all taking garlic supplements every single day. You need to have that in bulk. All the vitamins, B, C, D, A, like all the things you know. But then using essential oils was a huge, huge the and so like I need a hot compress with Robyn Star Thyme, oregano and we did a hot compress. I think we did it three times in one day and then you have the pain anymore. And so sometimes that does work. I’m not saying that that cures the kidney kidney stuff. I’m just saying that what we used helped Isaac in that time. But you guys see this is the thing like everybody like Isaac was saying, we’ll have different kinds of symptoms. Potentially I had vertigo, which was crazy. Was the first time ever having vertigo is really scary for me.

The room was spinning in three different directions. I didn’t know what to do. Every time I tried to lay down, I thought I was going to vomit, had a massive fever. And so I just asked Isaac to Google homeopathy and essential oils for vertigo because I didn’t know no one in our family had ever had it. I’m good at Googling. And so he little that’s how easy this is. You guys, he Google that and he said, oh, put a drop of ginger behind your ear lobe and I drop a peppermint on your thumb and press it to the roof of your mouth. And I’m like desperate you guys. So I tried it and it helped. It worked. And so I’m not saying it’s going to work for you. I’m saying it worked for me. And I’m so thankful for these tools. Right. But using raw honey and in and drinking tons of tea, they were saying drink lots of tea. But that’s a practice that we normally do when you have a cold hydrotherapy as another. Ancient form of helping get your fever’s down and opening up your airways, we did that on a daily basis with everyone.

Now, Megan had the serious she had the worst. She had walking pneumonia. Also pleurisy. She was 15 at the time. Yeah, and she had this scarred up lungs.

You know, that’s what Kova does, is it attacks the lungs and it really injures them. So even after covid, you still have recovery with the lungs. And it took a long time to recover. And it was like hard she really struggled to breathe and stuff.

And we I mean, we tried to get her into the doctors. The doctors literally had no help for her. We had her on Zenk, which we all take just as a supplement anyway. And we were here and it was helpful. Yeah. And she was on high doses of vitamin C because I had them in bulk. They were not available, but I had them in bulk. Praise the Lord.

So this is why I’m saying you guys like, yes, we need to be praying and asking God to bless our efforts and it’s in his will if he heals us or not. Amen. It’s up to him. But he has given us wisdom. He has given us tools. And if we just sit around and do nothing, that’s not honoring what he’s given us.

And it’s so important to clear the air. Right. So what were you doing to make sure the air was constantly clean?

Well, I mean, that’s one of the huge conversations that I talk about in the actual workshop.

I think it’s a 20 minute talk, so I’m not going to dig into it completely. But three things was I have a lot of houseplants because they clean the air. We did cross ventilation and then we diffused thieves.

We diffused lemongrass, we diffused all the purification. Aroma ease really purifying cleaning oils in the air in hopes that it would help the disease from spreading. Do you think it’s important to explain what diffuser is? Yeah. So you put essential oils into what’s called the diffuser. It’s an actual tool and you put it in with some some distilled water and you turn it on and it turns the oils into an aromatic diffuse. It diffuses into the air.

So people are breathing on healthy air versus the sick air, right?

Yes. Yes.

And so I do believe that there is an element that, you know, when when we’re trying to stay healthy, we need to look at all aspects of our body, what we can take internally, but also what we can apply topically, being clean. Obviously, having Epsom salt foot soaks are really a big deal because Epsom salt can help detox your body’s. There’s so many things like, again, taking elderberry. There’s there’s a lot of different things out there. And I know that there’s been a conspiracy or I don’t know if it’s been a conspiracy or not, but there was for a long time, people were saying, don’t take elderberry because it makes covid worse. And I didn’t want to make it worse. And so we refrained from taking it. But we’ve then since been on it non stop because that’s just always been a part of our regiment. And so you can also add certain vitality, essential oils to your elderberry and take them internally.

Anything else on how we treated covid? And then after that, it would be great. I’m sure, since you just mentioned that people want to know what your regiment is.

Well, OK. So one of the things that I was really concerned about that we kept was I was concerned that if I got sick, I would not be able to take care of my family and that they wouldn’t necessarily know what to take if they started getting symptoms.

And so we had a family meeting where I gave brief instructions and I actually typed out what our daily what we need to be taking daily to stay healthy. And then if you start getting these symptoms, this is what you take.

If you get these and this is what you take, you taped it to the door

Yeah. So it is in the medicine cupboard. And every day the family would go to the cupboard and they would get out what they were supposed to be taking and they would take that medicine, whether it was one to three times a day.

And what percentage of that stuff was natural? All of it.

None of it was chemical based or, you know, none of it was like medicine. It was all nutritional supplements, vitamins, herbal tinctures, tonics, stuff that had honey and apple cider vinegar in it. Elderberry.

I mean, it was it was all the things to stay healthy that we normally take. So if somebody wants to see that, is that possible?

Maybe I could probably share it on my courageous mom essentials page. Yeah, possibly.

Yeah. I mean, I know none of it. I mean, it’s like vitamin C, vitamin D, you know, originally olive oil, olive essentials and garlic, different things like that that are part of our daily regimen. But, you know, with little kids too, it’s like different. So I actually have like a section that was for kids that are little because we had Ella was eighteen months at the time. So we obviously can’t take the same vitamins that Solomon is taking that the other kids. Taking and so everybody kind of knew what the Younger’s needed if I got sick and see, this is why it was such a crucial thing, was because it actually helped us to equip our kids and for them to understand the importance of being healthy and taking care of themselves. So this really became an educational thing for the whole family. And, you know, I feel empowered. I felt really encouraged because treating symptoms a symptom. While Megan was still struggling with her lungs, we were doing hot compresses for that. We did hydrotherapy. We did Epsom salt baths. We had the humidifier going. We had the diffusers going. We were doing the raindrop technique on her back with oils.

She’s taking all the supplements, bone broth, you know, staying hydrated, drinking lots and lots of tea and water. We we did all the things and she was still struggling. And so we did take her to the doctor. And that’s kind of been our approaches, do all the things that we can do. And then if you need help, you go to the doctor’s right and then going to the doctors. We told them all we are doing and they’re like, I don’t know what else to tell you. That’s what you’re doing. All the work you’re doing, all the right stuff. Just keep doing it. And we’re like, OK. And so I, I just think that walking away from this experience, I went, you know what? There’s going to be more pandemic’s the Bible even says epidemics, plural, not one many are going to happen in and times. And so we need to be aware of that and understanding it’s our responsibility as the gatekeepers, keepers of the home that we need to become educated and we need to take on the responsibility because it is our jurisdiction that’s so cool.

Anything else on covid or move?

No, I think that that was probably pretty good. I mean, yeah. And again, what we were sharing is not necessarily like this isn’t how you treat or cure. We’re not claiming any of that. I’m just sharing with you guys what our experience was because I get asked that a lot. A lot of people remember that we had it because we shared in the podcast that we were walking through that. And honestly, I worked a ton. I was up till 2:00 a.m. reading different medical books. And so it’s kind of redeeming for me to say, hey, you guys can handle this, you can take care of this, but you got to put in the time. You’ve got to get educated, you have the right resources.

What would you say to the mom out there that’s just feeling incredibly overwhelmed after listening to this?

Well, I would say, you know, I’ve been there before, I’ve been in situations where you feel helpless, like you’re not getting answers from the doctors, but you you love your child enough or your husband that you want to find the answers. And so I would say do the work before you’re sick and try to research like how do you handle ear infections naturally.

Like, you don’t have to go get antibiotics. I mean, our family hasn’t used antibiotics since I had one child that was chronically having an ear infection. So they were three years old. And I was like, I can’t do this anymore. Them now they’re getting yeast infections. Their guts totally messed up, trying to heal that with acidophilus. And so I screwed it up. Well, yeah, they have like chronic bladder and yeast infections from the antibiotics. So as soon as we started fixing their gut flora, it that helped tremendously. But learning how to treat ear infections at the first sign of them using garlic and using essential oils on the outside of around the ear, putting on a cotton swab and just holding tangerine lemon and, you know, being really careful. The thing that people need to understand is that all of these things were given to us as tools. But we don’t just like use them without caution. We have to we have to totally be cautious with how we’re using these tools and get educated for energy.

Know a lot of moms are already feeling overwhelmed. So how do you add this? Doctor, Mom, natural doctor, mom, how do you add this to your title and fully embrace it, like at a new level?

Well, first of all, I don’t think that you want to compare like I am sharing just off of my this is just off the cuff. Right. Like what we’ve done over the years and what we’ve experienced recently. And if you’re your mom, that’s been like maybe you just had your first baby a year ago and you were not raised with anything natural in your listening going, oh, my goodness, I don’t know.

I don’t know how to do this right. I’m just figuring out how to cook. Yeah, I was that mom. Yep. And so if I can do it, you can do it. Like I did not know how to cook. I did not know how to be a mom. I made so many mistakes with our first kids as far as just being a mom of littles, trying to figure out structure and all the things but do not compare to other people. Instead, look at other people as resources to learn from. I’m sharing as Titus two older woman that’s been down this road longer. And so for me it’s easy for me to just share what we’ve done. But twenty years ago I didn’t know any of this stuff.

And just remember, someone once said how you spend your days is how you spend your life. And so if each if you spend your days striving and learning and growing in five years of spending your days, well, just adding a little bit of this to your days. Yeah. Then you’re going to have knowledge. There’s a there’s something called experience and wisdom that can only happen over time. But you have to start.

You have to search. You have to get it’s not just about reading books. I definitely would say, yeah, you can use Google sometimes, but don’t believe everything that you read online either.

I mean, obviously we know this especially today. But I would say that’s why it’s so important to have the right people on your team. A lot of what I know I know today and was encouraged in an empowered and equipped by because I had the right people on my team, I had the right mentors in my life when I was a young mom that were in real life, people who taught me how to can, people who taught me how to garden, people who inspired me with their own green thumb. And then I started growing my own herbs, making my own teas, you know, and so having that knowledge and then going into the doctor, a naturopathic doctor, and then teaching me something new, which was homoeopathy, I had no idea what homoeopathy was. I had no idea what herbal tinctures were. And you guys, these are not things that are so that are impossible for you, because if I can understand them, you can understand them. It’s just a matter of having the right teachers, the right team around you.

One thing you might have heard me say this before, but I’ve always told Andrew we’ve we’ve been with much. We’ve been with not enough. Yeah, but God makes it up and anyways and all in between financially. But I’ve always told her food and books, let’s invest in those things even when things are tough. Let’s always invest in good food. I count all these things in the food category, all natural medicines. It all comes from food, from consumables, consumables. Yeah. So so I think that’s super important from a financial perspective, is that we need to invest proactively in the health. Because even if you have health insurance, what’s your deductible? You know, you’re still going to you’re going to pay it one way or another, we might as well not pay the the pain side of it because we have a lot of it.

Yeah, that’s true. And I would say even like pregnancy and postpartum, like right now that I mentioned our concern as far as like, are they going to require vaccinations to be seen by a doctor to go and have a baby at a hospital or at a birthing center postpartum? What if you get mastitis and you don’t know how to treat it at home and you’re like literally desperate for medical help and you’re so desperate that you just say, OK, I’ll get a vaccination so I can get help? You guys, I’m I’m bringing this stuff up not to scare you, but to get you to think and to prepare ahead of time. One easy tool that we created was a postpartum course. And I’m not I’m not trying to sell you. I’m just being really honest right now. A lot of women are not educated on the most common postpartum discomforts, things that are going to potentially prevent postpartum depression, things that are going to help people with mastitis healing from having a baby vaginally, things that are going to actually help you. I’m talking about the natural remedies, the things that have been passed down from midwives to midwives, from grandmas to daughters and these like that. That course comes with a forty five page workbook where a lot of it is literally lists of things that you should be taking from sunflower lecithin to help you with your breast milk to moringa, to help increase your milk supply to what essential oils you can be diffusing to help you prevent postpartum depression to even tools like using a Hauschka to help with milk supply. Right. Like there are so many tools that you can use to learn so that you’re not having or forced to have to go get medical help where they’re just going to say, oh, take an antibiotic. Instead, you can use cabbage leaves that are blanched at home and your homeopathic remedies, a lack of the kandra.

Yeah, that was a huge project. And there’s six hours of teaching on video and the work is like 16 videos of teaching on different topics. Yeah.

So it’s a it’s a huge project and we’ve kept it a pretty low amount compared to the value.

I mean, the reality is, is that there’s as a mom, you go through these seasons, right? You’re pregnant, you’re post-partum, you’re nursing, you have children, your kids get common colds. There are more severe issues than there’s viruses. We is this is part of our jurisdiction, is all we’re saying. And there is help out there for you. We’ve tried to help as much as we can, while at the same time I’m still taking care of my brood. Right.

So what are some final thoughts for you?

Well, I would encourage you guys that all of the tools that we’ve been referencing are just tools given to us by God, and it’s our responsibility to use them for good and. I would encourage moms to really first have a good conversation with their husband about the importance of preparing your home to be ready to handle colds, everything from the common cold to injuries, to fevers, to viruses, to illnesses and diseases as much as possible in regards to proactive preventative health, having the right team in place and also, you know, having some things to be able to treat symptoms when they do hit you at home. I remember at one point when we were dealing with covid just saying to, you know, this is the first time in my life I’ve actually been thankful that we had H1N1 and that we had those harsh colds 10, 12, 13 years ago because it taught me right. And I was thankful in that moment that I dealt with the kid who had had croup chronically for six years because it helped prepare me on how to treat throat, chest congestion, colds. And I just I know a lot of moms who went through the same thing, but they didn’t learn how to treat it naturally. And so they’re in the same place that they are, you know, 20 years later because they didn’t choose to grow through it. Yeah. So I guess my encouragement is choose to grow through this. This is something that we can redeem. This is something that can become a legacy that we passed down to our kids. It can be something you never know. Maybe one of your kids just ends up becoming a doctor or an herbalist or or something like that just because of how fun it is to learn how to create these different tinctures.

Well, thanks for joining us. And please share this. If you’re on iTunes, give us five star. That’ll be amazing. Helps the algorithms get it out there. And we always read every comment. There’s so encouraging and inspiration. So thanks for joining us.

See you next time. Hey, thanks for listening to this episode.

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Written By Angie Tolpin
Angie has been married to Isaac for 19 years and together they have eight children, whom she homeschools. She is the Founder of, a doula, the author of the best-selling book Redeeming Childbirth, and the creator of the first ever Christian Postpartum Course. Angie loves ministering to Women and has created a few online Bible Studies on Biblical Friendship and Motherhood.

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