This weeks memory verse

"In the fear of the Lord there is strong confidence, And His children will have a place of refuge."

-Proverbs 14:26

  • Opening LIVE (Replay)
  • Session 01: THEOLOGY
  • Session 02: HEART
  • Session 03: PURITY
  • Midpoint LIVE: (Replay)
  • Session 04: OBEDIENCE
  • Session 05: DISCIPLESHIP
  • Session 06: COURAGE
  • Closing LIVE: (Replay)

Opening LIVE (Replay)

Welcome to Courageous Parenting, marriage tips, biblical vocabulary and Q & A!

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Session 01: THEOLOGY

This Session covers the theology behind the Biblical Parenting Model because it's essential that we understand God's why and what He calls us to do in obedience as a parent. There is also practical wisdom that you can immediately apply to your parenting as we cover these eight parts below. This is the foundation for the rest of the lessons so it's crucial everyone goes through it this week.


Session 02: HEART

We must care more about our kid's hearts than their obedience, as disobedience is an indicator of where their heart is. If you fix their heart you fix obedience, but only God can actually do it, however, we as parents have a massive role in continuously pointing our kids to God in the process of correction. Isaac and Angie also cover "The Four Needs of The Heart" which creates a simple way to be introspective and see how you are doing as parents tending to the heart of your kids.


Session 03: PURITY

This is a vital lesson for every parent and it's never too late to make an impact on your child's purity. After all, God has a transformative power and will use you if you are obedient. If you aren't intimately aware of your kids friendships, behavior when no one's looking, and technology use, odds are not in your favor that you're going to like it. We must be proactive today as the temptations towards ungodliness are rampant. If your kids are young it's an important process from the beginning!


Midpoint LIVE: (Replay)

"Vital Marriage Conversations For Preparing Your Family For The Holidays"

There is no parenting packet download for LIVE's

Session 04: OBEDIENCE

In this lesson, we will discuss the 10 steps to biblical discipline and four questions parents can ask themselves to evaluate if they are disciplining biblically. But before we dig into those practical steps we are going to take a look at the heart that God's word teaches us behind discipline and talk about the warnings God's Word gives parents. This is a crucial topic for raising confident CHRISTIAN kids who will want to obey God when they are older! Many parents are either not training their children in biblical obedience today OR they are struggling to reach their child's heart because they may have provoked them to become discouraged or angry towards them. It takes biblical discipline to mold a heart of faithful obedience to the Lord.



Discipleship is the counter-part to Discipline in raising our children up in the way they should go. We share how to do Bible time and family meetings, the importance of having enjoyable discipleship creative times scattered throughout your daily routine, as well as a deeper look at what Jesus says about being His disciples. We also share our favorite resources in this video that have helped us to disciple our kids.


Session 06: COURAGE

This session shares the uncomfortable conversations you need to have with your kids around topics like: sex, masturbation, abortion, suicide and other vital topics that you must be the first to communicate about. This is, of course, in the timing you believe is right for each child. It's also a charge to be courageous, respecting the challenge at hand in launching confident Christian kids with a clear implementation strategy of this Biblical Parenting Model.


Closing LIVE: (Replay)

Part One “How to Overcome 10 roadblocks to Launching Confident Christian Kids” We discuss the first two: Extended Family & Church issues

There is no parenting packet download for LIVE's