Welcome to the Parenting Mentor Program!


Joining shows the intentionality you have in leading your home. We are so glad you are part of the program. While all course materials will be found using your login info at courageousparenting.com, we have our own app for the LIVEs and community interaction so that we aren’t dependent on social media.


Here’s some really important direction so you are ready to go:

All course materials will be populated in your private dashboard during your six weeks at courageousparenting.com. You will use the credentials you created when you signed up to log in. 

Sign up for the app using the web version of it at www.courageous.disciplemedia.com using code newpmp at checkout.

This enables us to give it to you free for three months (normally $8.99 a month)

If your spouse is joining too, have him/her download the actual app, sign up but stop when it asks for a credit card. Then message Isaac Tolpin in the app their name and he will let them in for free for three months.

**Once you’ve first logged into the web version of the app as directed above, then go to your app store, search for BE COURAGEOUS, and download the app onto your phone.

THIS IS IMPORTANT; You don’t want to share a profile in the app with your spouse because your gender will determine access to the Courageous Mom and Resolute man community groups within the app. Also, if after three months you want to continue in the app it will only be $8.99 for you but only $1.99 for your spouse by following the above directions now.

You will immediately have access to all kinds of resources and the Be Courageous community!

You won’t have access to the Private Group for the Parenting Mentor Program in the app until the day your group starts. This is where the LIVEs will take place.

All LIVEs in the private group in the app will be recorded and put into your private dashboard on CourageousParenting.com so you always have access to all program materials. This makes it okay if you can’t make the dates for the LIVEs.

Please fill out this quick form so we get to know you better and have your cell numbers so we can set up text messaging with you during the program.

Although we all start at the same time, this is a self-paced program so you can go at your own pace. You will also have access to all of the materials forever at courageousparenting.com. 

We so appreciate your support and being part of this community in a deeper way. Feel free to share this program with others too.


 If you have any questions email [email protected]


Together we impact!